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The E-Book Version of the first edition of The Future Chronicles. Just simple text without any visual fuzz. Comes as E-Pub and Kindle Mobi file.

The Future Chronicles is a journalistic journey through time to envision the world of tomorrow. Each edition explores a new topic from the past into the future. Every article covers a milestone in history and takes place in its defining moment.

The first edition tells the history of 21st century’s most disruptive technology: the internet.Traveling through twenty articles from 1962 to 2096, you’ll experience the incredible transformation from a technophobe to a virtual society.

Machines become more intelligent than humanity, privacy ends in a free flow of information and centres of power dissolve in the emergence of decentralized structures.

Technology is shrinking, until it vanishes in the human body. Mankind overcomes natural selection by evolving into machines, until our whole world finally gets replaced by virtual reality.

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