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The Future Chronicles Announces Online Platform

Berlin, June 2, 2015 — The new time travel magazine ‘The Future Chronicles’ reached its funding goal on Kickstarter. Now the publishers announced a stretch goal: If they hit €40,000, they will build an online platform where a community of future enthusiasts will be able to share and discuss their visions of the future.

The Future Chronicles is a magazine that invites its readers on a journalistic journey through time. Every issue deals with a current topic of social change. Each article covers a milestone in history and takes place in its defining moment of time.

After reaching the funding goal of €30,000, the publishers now hold out the prospect of an online community where like-minded people can exchange and discuss their thoughts on the history and future of our society: kck.st/1RxXJ9X
Every Kickstarter backer will automatically get an author account and will be able to write his own ‘The Future Chronicles’ style articles. These will then become the foundation of further issues of The Future Chronicles magazine.

The first issue of the magazine is supposed to ship in September and will cover the history and the future of the internet. If the publishers hit their stretch goal, they plan to go live with their platform just a few weeks after that.

“This will bring The Future Chronicles to a whole new level”, says Volker Tolle, co-publisher of The Future Chronicles. “We can’t wait to see, how our community envisions the future!”


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