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Tune in!

Things are going to happen ...

Hey fellow time-timetravelers

It's been a while. We have been quite buisy with a lot of groundwork, but now the time has come: Let's get this thing rolling!
We have nearly everything set up to start our kickstarter campaign, but we want to make the final steps together with all of you. So from now on, we are going to post regular project updates to our blog and to our social media channels to get you a little more involved in the process.
But first things first: In order to establish a better flow of information from our site directly to your brain, we did set up a little something.
Please go ahead right now and tune in your intergalactic information receivers to this adress: thefuturechronicles.com/blog/feed (a regular feed reader might also do the job).
Have you done so? Great! Now you are set up to get the latest gossip from your favorite future desk right on time.

So, stay tuned ...