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State of the future

Okay, time to get a little meta and talk about the state of the AVANT project, about our way so far and perhaps a little bit about our motivations behind all of that.

It has been quite a long way up until this point. We have been working on AVANT for over a year and now we finally reach the point where we can see the final goal getting closer. It is super exciting to be able to showcase our project to a broader audience now and to tell our story.
Just like most good stories everything began with a little idea: What about making a future magazine?
But what would the perfect future magazine look like? That was the question we began to examine: Such a magazine should not just talk about the future, it should actually go there. It should be entertaining, educating and most of all it should be highly inspiring. Traveling into the future with this magazine would open the readers eyes for all the wondrous things glimmering right behind the horizon.

Looking forward to the future?

So why the future? The future is such a relevant part in all our lives. Indeed, it is everything we have left, if you will. And the more we know about the directions that major parts of our lives are going, the better we can decide where to go in our personal lives.
So it's all about asking the crystal ball, isn't it? In fact, it's not. With AVANT we are not trying to make precise forecasts nor are we trying to act as if we were some kind of future gurus. Instead we are trying to inform our readers about specific trends that we are most likely gonna see in the coming years as well as delivering some kind of broader vision about the challenges our society may have to face on the long run.

Already we are living in times of rapid social change and in our eyes the major driving force behind all of that clearly is the internet. The internet is such a young medium but nevertheless it is currently disrupting one industry after another. That's something we all got to deal with, if we don't want to get left behind.
That's why setting the topic for our first issue was a no-brainer for us: Our first journey should take us into the future of the internet!
So we started collecting all these opinions, hopes, fears, upcoming trends, technologies and innovations that are related to the good old World Wide Web and tried to get everything into a sensible order. But at that time we began to realize that something was missing...

The future is not enough

Whenever we began diving deeper into one of the topics that we had decided on, we felt the lack of some kind of background: As well in our coverage of the topic, as in our own knowledge. That's how we learned our first time-traveler lesson: There is no future without the past.
So we decided not only to go for the future, but also to go back in time and start, where things are meant to start: At the beginning. By doing so, we also could build a knowledge foundation that every reader would have in common and where we could build on for the future articles.
Now we felt, that everything was in place. In 20 Articles we would travel from the 60s of the past century, where the internet began to evolve, up to the end of the current century, when the internet we know will already have transformed into something completely different.

A glimpse into the future

So, what's next? First we are going to write the remaining articles of the first issue. Our next step is the kickstarter campaign. We are going to work with a bunch of great photographers, illustrators and designers to create an outstanding visual appearance for the magazine. Furthermore we want to release AVANT not only as an e-book, but also as an app for the iPad. To create the final publications and to be able to pay the artist we are working with, we will need further resources. We hope, that we will be able to get a lot of people as enthusiastic about our project as we are so that they will help us to let the future chronicles become alive.

I'm looking forward to the future,