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Future Progress

The future is making progress!

The Future Chronicles have finally hit the printing press and we are happy to tell you that it looks great so far.

We had a very clear vision for our print version in mind: We wanted this publication to be something special that deserves its place in your bookshelves and that will be able to keep this place for a long time. So we had to invest some extra time and energy into staying true to that vision while also staying within our budget.

So after spending months with research and writing before Kickstarter, we now wanted to give the articles a form they deserve. First of all, we wanted to have a special format. We wanted it to be slightly bigger than your standard everyday magazine, which can cause some problems due to the standardized sizes of the big sheets of paper that are used in the printing process. We settled down on 11,7 x 9 inch, which is a little bit taller and wider than letter format. It may not sound like much when you look at the numbers, but we are sure that you will feel the difference once you have it in your hands.

Speaking of feeling a difference with your hands: We decided on a premium uncoated paper with a raw surface and a nice natural color tone that is thick enough to give you the feeling of something that is meant to last, whilst being light enough for not killing our budget when it comes to shipping these things all over the world.

Another part of the production that was very important to us was the binding process. Most magazines use, just like paperback books, perfect binding which means that the pages are glued together at the back. This however has some downsides: The glue makes it impossible to open the publication completely which doesn’t make for a very good reading experience in our eyes. And even if it is cheaper and maybe sufficient enough in most cases, it is not considered the most durable binding method either. So as we approach to be The Future Chronicles and not just an everyday magazine, we went with the thread stitching approach that is typically only used for the more expensive hardcover books. (You can see the stitching at the back in the photo below.)

We although found a really great paper for the cover of our Collector’s Edition. It’s an import from the future, a herbal leather, so no cow died for it, no oil was wasted, but still you get the feeling of having a good old leather book in your hands. But because of this special surface, one has to be extra careful when printing on it and now our printer told us, that they will have to delay the final production and shipment of the magazines for about a week because of some extra drying time they have to give to those covers.

But we think that all the effort will result in a product that it was worth waiting a few extra weeks for and we hope that you feel the same.

We’ll keep you posted.