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Glimpse inside the future-manufacture

We are quite busy getting everything ready to ship to our backers and we have made a huge progress:

The articles are finally ready and by now the copy editing is also done. (Special thanks to our copy editor Charlotte Moores and Oxblood Ruffin for his editing and advice!)

The print edition is nearly ready to go to the printing by now and the reward production is up and running:

The posters and postcards are in the printing process, most of the notebooks are crafted and the time travel bags just arrived from the stitching.

Sadly it seems like we will have to change our plans for the production of the app-version due to changes in the pricing-model of the digital publishing tool we used to create our prototype.

But we are looking into our alternatives and hope that this won’t throw us back too much.

In the meantime, here are some shots of the production and some teasers for the final layout: