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THE FUTURE CHRONICLES is the first and only future magazine that literally travels through time. Every issue is the chronicle of a new subject: from the past into the future. Every article is about a milestone in history, told from the viewpoint of the respective time.

In rapidly changing times we need to maintain an overview of the surrounding developments. THE FUTURE CHRONICLES is able to give you the big picture: We will show you things your history teacher didn't know, coherences you won't find in your daily news and prospects that insiders wouldn't like you to know.


  • Volker Tolle

  • Daniel Kiendl

THE FUTURE CHRONICLES was created and written by Volker Tolle and Daniel Kiendl. They met during their design studies and became fascinated by the idea of creating a publication that whould take the reader on to a journalistic journey through time.

Future Plans

THE FUTURE CHRONICLES is a publication that was developed with the idea of becoming a publication series in mind. For the moment we are however not working on another issue. The first issue on the topic of the internet has enough content to stand for itself and we believe it has great value to offer, even a few years after it has been initally written.
Writing and designing the Future Chronicles was a tremndous experience but it took us nearly 3 years to do so and right now, we simply don't have the time to tackle another issue.
But hey: Who knows what the future will bring, right? :)